snail mail strategy

Direct Mail Marketing targets customers directly to increase chances of client conversion. Place your brand directly in the hands of customers who want to hear about your latest products, services or coupons.  

  • Understand Your Demographic

    • Demographic information is fundamental to properly target potential clients.  
  • Target Your Ideal Customer

    • Knowledge of your client's behavior produces more accurate conversion rates. 
  • Define a Mailing List Type

    • Define a specific mailing list type to determine the success of your campaign. Three main categories for mailing lists exist:
      • Specialty Lists – identify your target audience
      • Custom Lists  - select specific customer criteria  
      • Cloned Lists – locate customers like your best customers
  • Design Direct Mail Collteral

    • Design your direct mail collateral to represent the overall brand
    • Consider three design types for the creation of your direct mail collateral
      • Institutional
      • Call to Action
      • Image & Brand

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