Professional References

Brady R.

Travis is a dream to work with. He's very knowledgeable in all aspects of marketing from branding to attribution. This guy can teach you a thing or ten about Google Analytics as well. You can tell he's dedicated to his craft and is always striving to learn the latest and greatest ways to reach people efficiently. Travis is also a great team player and communicator. You always know where you stand with Travis, and his integrity is off the charts. It's a pleasure to work with him and his team at Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems!

"Travis and I have served in the same capacity for different companies within our industry. We comprise two of approximately 400 dealers nationwide, yet he is within an extremely small circle of fellow marketers I trust implicitly and rely on for solid idea/resource sharing. Travis's background in digital analytics has enabled him to quickly excel as a Marketing Director, and his passion for both continually learning new skill sets and investing time and knowledge into his team will allow him to thrive time and again. I would highly recommend using Travis as a professional resource or working alongside him if you ever have the opportunity."

Jeff H.

Carrie S.

"Travis is a joy to work with. He is a person that I always look forward to meeting with because I love hearing his insight on all things related to marketing. He is incredibly methodical in his approach to helping grow and track all leads, calls, appointments, and closed business. It is refreshing to work with a business professional that understands all facets of marketing and knows how to track each dollar that is invested. Tracking is not an easy task. I wish all businesses had a "Travis"."

"I've been fortunate to work with Travis the past year. He is great asset to the RMCBS’s team. I really appreciate his rapid turnaround and dedication to staying a top of issues. I look forward to working with Travis in the future as he is a true professional."

Kyle R.

Meg V.

"Travis is a gifted marketing strategist with a depth of knowledge around digital media that few can match. His ability to advise his clients around branding, messaging, promotion and problem-solving is exceptional. Travis can help many industry leaders make smart choices and stay apprised of the most advanced and advantageous opportunities."

Brooke H.

"Travis is a confident and well-spoken marketing professional. He has a strong desire to learn and stay on top of the latest marketing trends, so he can apply best practices to his role. He is results-oriented and develops strategic marketing plans to drive marketing leads and revenue in an efficient and effective way. I look to Travis as a leader in our network, one that sets the bar for other marketing managers."

"I have had the pleasure of working with Travis, and he is not only a kind person but one of the sharpest marketing professionals I've had the pleasure of working with. He is detail-oriented and has an in depth understanding of the KPI's needed to show year over year growth. His enthusiasm for uncovering new ways to reach potential customers through constant learning is impressive to say the least. I would highly recommend working with Travis if you have the opportunity."

Laura E.

"I highly recommend Travis, especially because he is professional and very easy to work with.
He knows the industry very well and is great at finding the best strategies!"

Ramona S.

"As the Senior Integrated Marketing Consultant iHeart Media Rocky Mountain Region, I've met few professionals over 30+ years that stand out as Travis Rosenbloom. I notice energetic up-and-coming individuals who exemplify grace under pressure, professionalism, organizational and leadership skills."

Susan R.

"I have been working with Mr. Rosenbloom for somewhere around 7 years now business to business. His loyalty and logic have been a pleasure over the years. Working with an individual who has a, "no nonsense" approach to business - respecting others time while paying attention to necessary detail - makes working with Mr. Rosenbloom an easy decision for all."

Cynthia J.

"Travis and I have worked together on different projects over the past 5 years. He is always fun to work with and has great marketing knowledge. Travis is very organized and efficient, making working together a great partnership!"

Chelsea S.

"I’ve worked with Travis for several years and I’ve found him to be dynamic, creative an innovative in the things he brings to the table. Great client!"

Lori G.

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